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Lesa Melnyczuk Morgan

Lesa Melnyczuk Morgan’s works consist of:

Holodomor - the Thesis

by Dr. Lesa Melnyczuk Morgan 2010
This thesis is also available online on the
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The thesis is a more historical outline of the Stalin years in Ukraine and outcomes for the nation as well as the resulting effects for those who survived the Holodomor of 1932-1933. It raises the issue of genocide and discuss perspectives surrounding that divisive concept in relation to the Holodomor. The thesis draws together the large volume of information from numerous listed references.

 Silent Memories – Traumatic Lives

by Dr. Lesa Melnyczuk Morgan 2010

This is a quest for understanding, an attempt to make sense of the very emotional history of the Ukrainian post-war migrants to Western Australia. It is not a history of Ukraine, it is a history of the Ukrainians who came to settle in Western Australia. They arrived in Australia by ship between 1947 and 1951, from the Displaced Persons camps of Europe, survivors of the worst of the Soviet regime’s atrocities and only recently released from forced unpaid labour under the German Nazi regime.

Although this is the first study of Ukrainian famine survivors to be completed in Western Australia, it is significant that the testimonies collected and reproduced here reflect the findings of similar studies carried out in Ukrainian communities elsewhere. This work adds to mounting evidence of the genocidal nature of the Ukrainian famine of 1932–1933 and the lasting effects it has had on survivors.

Illustrated with more than 100 historical and personal photographs

Sequel to “Silent Memories” yet be published.

There will be a sequel to my publication which is currently with my editor. This book will be a book of memories containing all of my research interviews in full, in a more narrative and thus more readable format. The publisher will be producing an e-book with links to many related aspects of the people involved and the country of Ukraine. It will be a fitting tribute to our migrants.

I have also recorded 5 live interviews of Holodomor survivors with a professional film crew (who worked for nothing as a favour to me) and just simply do not have the finances to complete the story.

Editors comments:

Dr. Lesa Melnyczuk is seeking assistance in funding the sequel. She believes she initially requires $5,000 for a producer and a translator, before she is able to cost the documentary to completion.

Lesa Melnyczuk Biography

Lesa Melnyczuk was born 13the September 1954  to Ukrainian post-war migrant refugees in Perth Western Australia. She has been a teacher, academic and active and passionate member of the Ukrainian community in Perth as well as raising two daughters. In 2009 Lesa was awarded her Doctorate based upon the Ukrainian Holodomor 1932-1933 and the Ukrainians in Western Australia who remembered those years in Soviet Ukraine. She is a regular speaker at Ukrainian commemoration events, exhibits her collection of Holodomor paintings and images gained through the private collections of Morgan Williams in Kyiv Ukraine and encourages the preservation of Ukrainian heritage in Western Australia. Lesa works in supporting all ethnic groups in Perth through the History of Migration Experiences (HOME) centre with Curtin University and the Western Australian Museum. She also sits on the Board of Ishar, a not for profit migrant women’s health and welfare organisation.

Lesa is also working with her editor Katherine Wallace on the book of memories resulting from her Doctoral study. This will provide a broader narrative based upon the interviews resulting from her research. It will be an e-book with links to images, places, information and collections such as the Fremantle Maritime Museum Welcome Walls Project in Western Australia through the History of Migration Experiences centre (HOME) based in Perth.

Lesa Melnyczuk Morgan – CV February 2012